Engaging diversity- A highly rewarding week at work

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One of the most rewarding weeks of my career: having he privilege of working with an incredible team of officers, to assist in putting on a career exhibition for 64 incredible people from all over the world. Reading all of their resumes and stories, I was blown away by the calibre of people, with high education and professional experience, from diverse backgrounds, who are interested in policing. It’s a good day for the policing profession and for Winnipeg.

Next is out Youth Empowerment Gathering coming August 23rd/24th

If you know interested youth….

Youth Empowerment Gathering

If you are a youth between 14-17 years of age residing in Winnipeg, we want to hear from you!
The Winnipeg Police Service is hosting a two-day gathering, on August 23rd and August 24th, to engage and connect with our youth. We hope that positive interactions, such as sharing stories, can improve relationships between police and young people. The goals are to share information about the Winnipeg Police Service and build relationships between officers and Winnipeg youth; we will also provide a safe space to allow future leaders, particularly those who have experienced marginalization and discrimination, to share with police how we can work together to make positive changes in our society.
To apply,

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