Devon Clunis 
Chief of Police, Winnipeg Police Service (retired)
President, Clunis Consulting Group Inc.
Author: The Little Boy From Jamaica
“I’ve known Bob Chrismas for his entire policing career. We rose through the ranks of policing together and it was soon apparent that Bob was a wonderfully unconventional police officer. Bob possessed an intellect that some felt was too cerebral for policing. Little did they know he was pointing the way to the future of policing. When I became chief of police in 2012 and was seeking a change agent to help articulate a new vision for policing in Winnipeg, I turned to Bob Chrismas.  I knew that Bob had the practical and academic understanding to articulate what Crime Prevention Through Social Development meant for every member of our Service and every citizen. 
          With Bob’s help, we transformed the policing paradigm and saw unprecedented community cohesion. Bob understands what it means for a police service to lead deep social change within a community. It really is the most powerful tool we have and Bob Chrismas helped to lead us into understanding that. The policing universe is finally beginning to understand what Dr. Bob Chrismas saw many years ago. I’m glad he is getting an opportunity to influence minds and help lead police and community to a better tomorrow.” 

Jessica Drakul B.A., M.A.
Program ManagerEntrepreneurship Manitoba
Chair of the Institute of Public Administration Canada, Manitoba Region Board
“Dr. Chrismas brings a unique and exceptional combination of scholarship, volunteerism, empathy and expertise to the IPAC Manitoba Board, where he has volunteered for over a decade in addition to his duties as a staff sergeant, PhD and author. He is an accomplished speaker and consummate public servant who brings to any conversation the gravity of his experiences as well as the hope he clearly maintains for a better and more fair society. I would recommend Bob for any consulting, writing, teaching or speaking work in the sphere of public administration or peace and conflict studies.”

Dr. Wendy Kroeker
Professor, Peace & Conflict Transformation, Canadian Mennonite University
“Bob brings both a deep sense of caring and on-the-ground knowledge to some of the most pressing issues within our city – a rare and valuable combination.”

Dr. Sean Byrne
Director, Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice
Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba
“Dr. Bob Chrismas is enthusiastic in his lectures about sharing his innovative thoughts with the general public. He is an invaluable asset to  Winnipeg’s peace and justice community where he is generous in sharing his pragmatic ideas regarding peace building and social change.”

Sandra Hodzic, MPA
Government of Manitoba,
Institute of Public Administration Canada regional board
Manitoba Criminal Justice Association board. 

“Bob’s unwavering dedication to his work is an inspiration to all those who are interested in creating a better and more responsive community that is driven by research, empathy and cross-sectoral collaboration. Bob’s research provides us with critical insight into the social intricacies required to better understand and serve our most vulnerable citizens.”

Obesesam Okoi
Lecturer University of Winnipeg
PhD candidate, University of Manitoba
“Dr. Bob Chrismas was a guest speaker in my class on “Concepts and Conventions in Human Rights” at the University of Winnipeg. Bob is a brilliant scholar and passionate communicator with an unquestionable intellectual disposition and the ability to awaken compassion in his audice. I highly recommend Bob to anyone who require his professional services.”

Estelle Lamoureux
Vice-president of Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties
Member of the Peace Days Festival committee
“Bob Chrismas’ vast experience in policing and his in depth knowledge on social justice issues has made him an ideal speaker for university and high school students. Due to Bob’s very approachable demeanor, students do not hesitate to ask him questions. He engages students to expand their thinking by providing them with questions and information on difficult topics. Bob genuinely cares about his audience, comes fully prepared and determined to provide everyone with a positive experience.”

Kate Kehler
Executive Director, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
“Bob’s commitment to community has always been evident through his work as both a member of the Winnipeg Police Service and his research. Winnipeg does face a lot of challenges as the capitol of the province with the highest rate of child poverty in the country.  Bob’s openness to considering the root causes of why and how people become involved in the justice system and interest in finding better solutions makes him an ideal partner as we all try to create a more equitable community.  His research and his ability to share it in a clear and concise manner guarantees a better and more fulsome understanding of what are often complex and fraught issues.”

Sandra Krahn
PhD candidate and lecturer, Menno Simons College
“Bob Chrismas is a gifted speaker with a vast knowledge of policing and community peacebuilding. Speaking to audiences, his passion for social justice issues is clear and he is able to motivate others to further explore the topic. He has over 35 years of practical experience, which has been integrated with a theoretical background through his studies to produce a strong reflective and grounded practice. Bob has a strong work ethic and is able to effectively and efficiently assess a situation, come up with a plan and execute that plan in group environments.”

Rob Sophie
Police Chief (ret) (on LinkedIn)
“After having the opportunity to work with Bob on two occasions, I have found Bob to be a humble and value driven member with high ideals and the necessary compatible synergy to move an entire organization to fulfill their vision. Bob understands his role as adviser and bold champion of the greater cause, sees the bigger picture exceptionally well, utilizing cutting edge best practices in implementation. He is one upon whom an org can build a solid foundation, already a remarkable leader in his own right, yet with an even more remarkable upside – the world is his to seize.”

Saad Ahmad Khan
PhD. candidate and lecturer, Menno Simons University
“Having co-paneled discussions with Bob and having heard him speak publicly,  I can confidently say that he captivates his audience with his knowledge, delivery and demeanor.”

Gabrielle Giroday
Editor, Law Times, Thomson Reuters 
“Bob is a dedicated and thoughtful leader who provides an invaluable level of insight into the justice system. Bob, a veteran police officer, has dedicated himself to exploring high-level social issues and sharing these insights with the Canadian public. As a thinker and practitioner, Bob is a top expert in his field.”

Dr. Melanie Zurba
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Winnipeg
“I had the great pleasure of studying with Bob during a field course on post-conflict truth, memory and reconciliation in South Africa in 2011. Bob brought tremendous intelligence, insight and compassion to the course materials. He also provided transformative learning experiences for his fellow students in relation to the role of police in conflict. Bob and I have maintained a strong professional relationship. I have read a good amount of his work and also believe him to be a ground-breaking scholar. I look forward to continuing to work with Bob into the future and would recommend him for any project in his field.”

Julia Osso
Student Advocate at University of Manitoba
“Having known Bob Chrismas since 2010, I can only describe him as a (rare) model of dedication, wisdom, and humility. Bob brings a wealth of professional and theoretical knowledge to the classroom — a wealth which he shares generously and from which I have benefited significantly. At the same time, Bob demonstrates the humility and exemplary work ethic of a true ‘lifelong learner.’ It has been my privilege to learn from him and with him.”

Menno Simons College Student Association
“Bob provided invaluable insight on social justice and the importance of protecting vulnerable victims”