Canada’s Future

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Such a great experience today with my colleagues, touring students and teachers from the Freedom International School in downtown Winnipeg, around the Police Headquarters with Devon Clunis (retired Chief), These kids were so engaged and eager, the day went by in a flash and we wanted it to continue. Our future is in good hands.

4 thoughts on “Canada’s Future

  1. This is exactly why the WPS is a leading public safety agency. They understand the value of these engagements and dedicate time and effort to prepare the next generation for leadership. Thank you, Bob, for being such an effective leader. You are a credit to the Service and the profession of policing. We will continue to partner in making Winnipeg an example of a holistic, healthy community.

  2. Funny, Shine dental do a lot for that school, last fall we did a full day of free dentistry on about 50 students. Brent and Wendy also help out in other ways at the school.


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